5 Steps to Hosting a Wildly Successful (and Profitable) Live Event or Workshop

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Whether you want to host a 2 hour workshop for 30 attendees or a multiple day event for 3,000 attendees. This process can be used for all events and workshops of any size.

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Hi! I'm Amanda Boleyn, founder and CEO of She Did It Her Way and host of She Did It Her Way Summit. 

I hosted the first ever Summit in October 2017 where over 30 women traveled from 11 different states to Chicago for a one-day event. After that, I was hooked. I realized how much I LOVE in person events and the energy there is when you surround yourself with people in real life.

6 months later in April 2018, I hosted the next Summit. This time it was 2 full days, double the amount of attendees. 

One year later, in April 2019 I hosted another Summit. This time it was broken up into two separate tracks (total of 3 days) and 100 women from across the country (and world!) attended. 

All 3 events went off without a hitch, were profitable and more importantly IMPACTFUL for the attendee.


Amanda Boleyn

Hi, I’m Tasha! A business consultant, creative force and an adventure-seeking free spirit. I launched my first company this past summer in 2019, Gittel Solutions LLC!  

Over the last 7 years, I have helped curate, host, run, and managed over 400+ events. Specializing with small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches, and creatives, I take a hands-on approach working with the dreamers and visionaries to create the events of their dreams. 

From social media campaigns and content creation, too website design & development, online curriculums, live events, workshop development, and more, we’ll work together to create quick and practical steps to attain your goals. Through innovative, forward-thinking, trend-setting systems, I build strategies with brands to adapt to the ever-changing business world.  

I met Amanda back in 2018 at her SDIHW summit and instantly was drawn to her welcoming presence and passion for growth! One full year later (to the date) - on the last day of her 2019 summit - I decided it was time to make my leap into what I didn't know would be the best decision of my life. (Being my own boss!!)  

Working with multiple companies instead of just one has allowed me to share my successes and help others turn their dreams into realities.  

I am so excited to meet and hear all your amazing event ideas! I plan to help guide you through the steps I take to feel confident when hosting your live events! Get ready for A TON of useful resources and takeaways you won’t want to miss.  


Tasha Gittel 

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