5 Minute Mindset Reset Challenge

Discover how making one small tweak in just under 5 minutes each day can help you create massive positive change in your life.

In this FREE 5 day challenge, you'll discover how to...  

✔︎ Condition your mind for success by changing what you focus on

✔︎ Change your words to change your life

✔︎ Influence your thoughts that result in creating the life you desire

✔︎ Overcome your limiting beliefs and free yourself of self-doubt

✔︎ Create an abundant mindset through reframing

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Hi, I'm Amanda!

In 2010 I was working in Corporate America at a job that left me completely drained, It didn't fuel me and made me feel like I was stuck.

Fast forward to 2012 when I made the leap and quit my Corporate job and started my own business as an independent contractor. 

My first real taste of entrepreneurship. 

Now I run a successful online platform, She Did It Her Way, that helps women believe in themselves and provides practical and tactile steps to launching their own business.

Entrepreneurship is 85% mindset and 15% mechanics. 

To master your mindset is to master life.

And the first step to mastering your mindset is by resetting it for success.

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